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For over 20 years, we have been supporting companies across South Africa by connecting talent with businesses, recruiting excellence through executive search and sharing knowledge to help employers optimize their people. We are dedicated to sourcing and placing ideally suited high caliber candidates across various spectrums throughout South Africa, Ireland and parts of Africa. We service both corporate and private sector organisations with passion, pride and commitment, providing a tailored service and personal touch, ensuring accurate staffing solutions every time!

PGP is focused on supporting our clients to achieve their business aspirations. We do this by enabling them to have the right people connected, engaged, and aligned to implement their strategy.
We have a successful track record of sourcing high-end talent for both local and international levels.

Let us connect you with the right people today!

Whether you are starting off on your career path or very experienced, we want to hear from you and help you get the right role!

Looking for a career? Looking for quality staff? Medical doctor looking to work in Ireland?

About the director Michelle Dos Santos

Talent Acquisition Consultant / Human Resources Generalist

  • Consultancy Approach

    My experience as a Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Specialist in companies in South Africa has enabled me to support individuals and teams in their personal development, enhancing team effectiveness, and in addressing critical human resource issues. My approach is to constantly challenge and reinvent the way business is done to keep my clients at the forefront of their industry. By doing so I equip the client to have the capabilities to implement solutions and use them to build successful organizations. As a recruiter, my aim is to source and deliver great talent, who stay longer and have a great attitude towards their company, this is achieved through constant counseling and support to candidates placed.

    My tactic is to facilitate workplace conflict, assisting both client and employee to resolve matters, preventing labor disputes, and improving working relationships and communication. Strategically building a workforce and implement sustainable structures with solid policies and procedures.

  • As Head of HR for Wellness Health Insurance Pathology Services, I led significant recruiting and training of nurses throughout South Africa, was responsible for talent management, strategic business decisions and developed an in-house talent strategy. Prior to this I worked with major retail organizations, holding various positions in human resources. I have extensive experience in training, corporate restructuring, industrial relations, performance management, employee wellness programmes, talent acquisition and development. My key strength is the ability to manage a few projects simultaneously as I thrive on pressure and welcome challenges.

    Currently I specialise in sourcing Doctors Internationally and placing Professionals in high-end positions in the Medical, Finance and Engineering sectors.

    I am passionate about people and human behaviour and thrive on adding value to Corporations by assisting them with their Human Capital.

    I believe in self-development and use my coaching knowledge and Human Resource experience to add value in the recruitment process for both client and candidate.

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"A Career Seeker doesn’t have to tick every box on your checklist for “Best Fit”. Rather focus on what value that person can bring to the job – their Human Capital worth and look for Passion, Commitment and Potential!"


Global Recruitment

Offering permanent, temporary or free lancing contracts locally and internationally

Human Resource Outsourcing

Human Resource Outsourcing on all HR matters from Admin, Talent Management and Reports for Small to medium sized companies

Talent Mapping and Executive Search

Boosting recruitment process and assisting with succession planning of your staff

Training and Development

Training and Development of soft skills and assisting companies with their onboarding of new talent

Other Services

We offer many other value-added services:

  • Specific job skill testing
  • Psychometric and Personality Testing
  • Criminal Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Disciplinary Hearings and Polygraphs

Let us connect you with the right people today!

We have a successful track record of sourcing high end talent for both local and international level. Providing talent mapping service and executive research to boost company's recruitment process. We also help to manage Company's internal job portal saving hours of time spent on reviewing online applications. Our HR outsourcing services will provide you with all the fore power you need to manage your Human Capital!


Here are some of the industries we are connected with: Emergency Doctors | Medical Staff | IT & Telecom | Financial & Business Admin | Contruction & Engineering | Call Center Staff | Freight & Logistics | Sales & Marketing


Emergency Doctor’s, Medical Officers, G.P’s, Paediatricians and Gynae/Obstetrician’s in both S.A and Ireland

Medical Staff

Nurses, Radiographers, Pharmacists, Dentists and all office support staff for clinic and hospitals

IT & Telecom

IT Security Specialists, Network, Programmers and Developers, Software Engineers, Technicians and Installers

Financial & Business Admin

Office & Admin: Receptionists, Clerks, Industry Managers, Controllers, Specialists and Generalists in all fields

Construction & Engineering

Engineers, Geologists, Artisans, Site Managers, Estimators, Millwrights and Technical Sales Reps

Call Center Staff

Both inbound and outbound sales calling agents. Call Centre Manager, Telesales and customer service agents

Freight & Logistics

Both Import & Export Controllers in Road, Sea, Rail and Air Supply Chain, Ops Managers, Fleet Controllers and Drivers

Sales & Marketing

We place External & Internal Sales Reps and Key Account Managers, Digital Marketing and Social Media Managers etc

“Empowering people to pursue their passion and purpose by nurturing their working potential and employment opportunities”

Company Ethics

We have entrusted our Company to CX Certification SA, they are a voluntarily third-party verification company who evaluates businesses. They certify that your business is registered, conduct business with honesty, credibility, and sustainability.

To view our listing, you can visit their site at www.cxcsa.co.za

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative and proactive recruitment practices so that we can place suitable talent into dynamic organizations and to secure future talent networks. Constantly evolving so that we can be ahead of workplace skill requirements, keeping abreast of recruitment and human capital trends to deliver quality services to both our clients and the people of South Africa that we meet.
Provide meaningful job opportunities and sourcing talent that will enable businesses to grow.

We will passionately serve our valued customers with our commitment to excellence in all that we do!

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a better future for SA by creating sustainable change in the lives of job seekers and our youth by upskilling and uplifting our future workforce!
What if the best way to improve your B-BBEE scorecard also happens to be the easiest? We have helped Companies to receive better levels upon their B-BBEE scorecard. At the same time, life-changing youth jobs have been created.
The challenge facing our Youth is they can't get a job without experience and they can't get experience without a job!

Our Values


We believe in building constructive, long-lasting, trusting relationships, and collaborations with our clients and candidates.


We strive to understand our client and candidate requirements to keep delivering excellent results no matter how long or tedious the process is.


We strive to always be honest & ethical and to provide meaningful opportunities for our candidates and to provide our clients with well screened candidates.

Purpose Driven

We strive to do things differently and to focus purposefully on our clients and their changing requirements or environment.


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Dr David Geytenbeek

"Michelle is of outstanding character, highly intelligent, very dedicated towards her client’s goals, and has always struck me as entertaining, with a high degree of responsibility and dedication! Michelle is highly proficient in her work ethic, and always finds the time to accommodate her clients, no matter what time of day or night. Michelle has been available for any queries via telephonic communication, always putting herself second to the client. Her empathy is astronomical, trained in Human Resources with all the know-how! I am extremely happy in my profession and job now, more so than ever before. Just sorry I did not meet Michelle earlier in my career! I would not recommend anyone else! Thanks to Michelle, I am making strides in my occupation, growing from strength to strength! Here’s to you Michelle! I could never show enough appreciation for what you have enabled me to accomplish, and after all these years!"

Brandon Foster (Director of Completely Submerged)

Mandy Kayser (CEO –Corexalance)

“Michelle Dos Santos is such a pleasure to work with. She is a ball of energy that is passionate about developing & motivating people. She works hard towards facilitating a productive and fulfilling work environment for all. She has a no-nonsense approach towards sifting through candidates to find the right people who will stay longer, work harder and have a great attitude towards the company. I have called upon Michelle’s services on many occasions and for many different tasks, from drafting contracts, company policies & procedures as well as personality testing and training for staff. Michelle is dedicated and doesn’t skip a beat in stressful situations. She loves people and finds difficult situations a great opportunity for change. She is my go-to person and yet she is so much more than HR, she is a generalist that has big picture insight. Her energy will add value to any business that utilises her services”

Sharlene Klein (Director of SDK Consulting)

"Michelle Dos Santos has been an independent consultant for SDK Consulting for 3 years, she has a passion for people and steering people in the right direction. She has a large knowledge of HR and Human Resource laws. She has also done generalist recruitment. In everything she has done she has done with excellence and passion. Self starter and can work in a Team. Always willing to learn and test deep waters."

Scheherazade Zekkar (Head of Consultancy Services at Global Career Company)

"In your corporate life you come across many people - and some just stand out. That's what Michelle did since the very first time we spoke. Her approachability, her humanity and kindness, her ability to listen and her excellent communication skills, and finally her hard-working ethics and dedication to delivering towards your needs at the highest standard, make her an asset to any organisation that works with her. Michelle has worked with me on some very demanding, tight deadlines international projects, and I have always been able to count on her and know I will again in future!"

What can we offer you today?

A tailor-made package that suits your Company’s needs and budget based on how many employees you have employed or want to employ.
We are flexible and accommodate all requirements as we have had to modify our business model due to COVID 19, we understand that you did the same!

Together let’s see how we can solve your Human Capital challenges so that your Company can benefit its bottom-line earnings. Through Internationally accredited, online Integrity assessments, we can prevent people with low Integrity to join or be promoted/transferred in organizations.
Why do we do these assessments? To increase levels of Honesty, Responsibility, Accountability, Reliability, and Trustworthiness to name a few, and to decrease Fraud, Corruption, Deceit, Theft, and Collusion amongst others.
The consequence of this is Improvement in Productivity, Efficiency, Morale, and Customer Service.

PGP’s rates are below market average and we are proud to say that we could achieve this by the business model, we adopted so that our clients do not have to pay exorbitant recruitment or consulting fees.

If you have that role you can’t fill and need fast results or a dedicated project that needs professional attention – you have come to the right recruitment firm!

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